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  • The Beauty of Sustainable Bamboo!

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    The Beauty of Sustainable Bamboo!

    Apart from the occasional cane chairs one sees being sold along busy roads, I am hard-pressed to remember what other common uses I’ve come across for Bamboo here in Nigeria. I’m not sure I’ve ever heard a carpenter offer to use bamboo to make a piece of furniture. And YET! Bamboo grows in every country in Africa other than the Sahara Desert. Our landscapes are rich with this amazingly versatile plant! Bamboo is botanically classified as a grass and may be the most sustainable, maintaining ecological balance, natural resource the world has. Hereare 5 reasons you should definitely think bamboo with your next building or remodeling project:     1- If you enjoy the look of hardwood flooring, but do not want to worry about the costly upkeep, bamboo flooring may be exactly what you are looking for. Bamboo flooring has recently started to become the new hardwood flooring. Manufacturers have developed a way to process this versatile material from the long hard stalks into a warm, rich flooring that has stability, durability and the feel of hardwood. 2 – One of the most efficient greener alternatives of concrete counter-tops is bamboo counter-top. Bamboo can serve as one of the best materials for counter-tops because of its durability and sustainability and it is renewable too. Various brands have come up with bamboo counter-tops sans formaldehyde adhesives hence making the counter-tops non-carcinogenic.

  • Making it Mud!

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    Making it Mud!

    Yep, them mud buildings definitely look decrepit don’t they? We see them nestled among village scenery and think “not much of a shelter are they”? Well, I would have undoubtedly agreed if my grandfather’s 4-storey building in Obosi, wasn’t built entirely out of mud and is still standing strong and sturdy as the day it was built… and did I mention that is it almost impossible to drive a nail through the building walls? Got your attention didn’t I? Shocking facts about mud – Mud buildings can last over 100 years. Mud mixed with pig urine, among other binders, is made so strong it hardly cracks. Mud can be used for floors, walls, foundations and even roofing materials. It is a very good fire retardant. According to Earth Architecture, half of the world’s population uses buildings made from mud brick or other earthen materials. It is also effective at keeping houses cool in the summer and warm in colder weather

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