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  • Rethinking Your Fabulous Wall-to-Wall Carpeting!

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    Rethinking Your Fabulous Wall-to-Wall Carpeting!

    Granted carpets have their unique look and feel… they are soft and comfy, bringing a warm look to a room. It’s important however to understand the demerits of carpet. Did you know that carpets are harbourers of allergens and trappers of toxins like pesticides that get tracked in from outside. Most synthetic carpets also contain VOCs. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) refer to organic chemical compounds which have significant vapor pressures and which can affect the environment and human health. VOCs are numerous, varied, and ubiquitous. Most scents or odours are of VOCs. Some are dangerous to human health or cause harm to the environment. Harmful VOCs are typically not acutely toxic, but instead have compounding long-term health effects. They can be man-made or natural. Some experts recommend that wall-to-wall carpeting should be ripped out in favour of hard flooring like hard wood, cork, tiles or even terrazzo. If you can’t afford to replace your carpeting, you can spray on a carpet sealer, one that does not contain dangerous chemicals to seal in off-gassing toxins that are a particular problem with newer carpets. Vacuum weekly with a high-performance cleaner to pick up allergens. Not to do away completely with the soft fluffy look of carpets however, you may want to consider area rugs, which if well matched to existing design, can be great at defining and sprucing up a space

  • Paint Vs. Wallpaper

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    Paint Vs. Wallpaper

    Yes, I know at first glance your first reaction may be “yawn, what a snore of a topic” but ah! ah! don’t sigh just yet, stick with me a minute and this may well be one of those reads that will furnish you with just that bit of information that will make all the difference next time you decide to re-decorate. We live in a society where paint rules, yep! we indulge in its various available colours, textures and finishes. We love the clichéd blue for boys and pink for girls and are glad with the range of hues and shades that were completely uncommon in the market just a few short couple of decades ago. With the now very common application of wall screeds to achieve an also previously uncommon smoothness, people are now more than happy with the effect of a freshly applied coat of paint. Wallpaper is for the most part ignored, except by the occasional wallpaper fan. But let’s do a brief comparison and perhaps putting the two wall treatments side by side will put us in a better position to make more creatively successful home improvement decisions. Paint: This medium remains the cheapest and quickest wall treatment method. Its light and airy feel makes it an easy first choice, adding to the fact that its initial installation is reasonably less expensive than wallpaper. Paint can

  • Bang for your Buck!

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    Bang for your Buck!

    Remodelling your home in a recession? Well here are a few helpful hints on how to make some successful design decisions on a tight budget. Step 1 – Get a room! It can be quite the daunting task remodelling one’s whole house all at once, talk less of the pinch on the pocket it’s going to be. But why put yourself through the pain of such a herculean task? When you could easily keep it simple and focus on one room at a time. Makes the work a whole less lighter and believe it or not, gets your creative juices flowing easier. So, pick a room. Doesn’t matter which one, living room, bedroom, bathroom, study, dinning room, hallway… doesn’t matter. Although, I’d dare say most people would prefer to start with a public space such as the living room, because this is the “reception area” of our home and it’s important to give the best first impression. Step 2 – Visualize In other words, imagine BIG but think SMALL. Remember the saying God is in the details? So true. Don’t do a thing, except sit back, relax, open your eyes and take a good 360 degrees look at the room you choose to do up. Shusssh your left brain and let the creative right brain take over as you allow your imagination flow. Think colour, form and function, don’t be shy or

"When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color"... Billy Baldwin

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