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  • Maintenance is Culture

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    Maintenance is Culture

      Sitting on your day old expensive all Italian leather loveseat, you look out your window and lying before you, staring back almost proud of its dogged existence is “your area” – an eclectic mix of rubbish dumps, exposed gutters, struggling patches of green and yellowed grass yet oddly enough expensive looking homes with picturesque green lawns and perfectly shaped shrubs. It’s almost comical the way the latter nestles almost daintily amidst this horrifying neglect with a superior don’t-dirty-me air that surely this is what Tracy Chapman must have meant when she crooned the popular words about people living at the mercy of the discards of their fellowmen. “I’m at the mercy of the world!” Tracy sang passionately in her soulful “Subcity”. and you, sitting quietly, looking out at “your area” may just find your thoughts wondering along the same lines, thinking what fiendishly bad fortune placed you in an environment where you are forced to helplessly look on at the, at best weak attempts at environmental pulchritude. Well, too bad. With a shoulder shrug indicative of “na so life be” you turn your attention inwards and indoors to the space you do have control over. Your house, your home. There, your musing ends for your space is OK and completely unconnected to the “unprettiness” outdoors. It’s clean, tastefully furnished and has that certain je ne sais quoi that hints

"When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color"... Billy Baldwin

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