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  • Make up Workshop in August

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    Make up Workshop in August

      THE MUD ACADEMY IN CONJUCTION WITH OKIRIKO ARTS CENTRE PRESENTS A TWO-WEEK INTENSIVE MAKEUP CLASS   The MUD Academy Program in Makeup Artistry is dedicated to excellence in educating and training prospective Make-up Artists who seek to learn new skills or enhance their existing skill set. At MUD, students are exposed to the creative world of Makeup with our highly extensive curriculum suitable for both beginners and professional makeup artists.   Okiriko Art Center is a multi-genre art center. A place where creative minds, established and amateur can find common forum for rich exchange and camaraderie. Okiriko Arts Centre provides you with an environment with stimulating ambience that re-generates creative energy.   The MUD Academy and Okiriko Arts Centre, the Creative Power Houses, will be teaming up to provide with a Two-Week Intensive Makeup Class. Go from Beginners to Advanced in just Two Weeks.   Course Content
• History of Makeup
• Skin Preparation Techniques
• Foundation Principles
• Eyebrow Grooming
• Types of Makeup
• Makeup Tools and Uses
• Shadow Application and Blending
• Eyeliner Application
• Eyelash Application (Strip and Single)
• Natural Flawless Make-up
• Bridal Makeup
• Gele Tying
• The Business side of Makeup Details:   Venue: Okiriko Arts Centre: No. 28 Joseph Wayas Street, Apo Legislative Quarters Zone B, Abuja   Days: Tuesday – Friday   Time:Morning Session: 11am-2pm| Evening Session: 4pm-7pm   Registration Deadline: August 19th 2013   Registration Fee: N95,000   All registered students

  • Schedule of Events!

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    Schedule of Events!

     UPCOMING EVENTS TEENAGE DRAWING COMPETITION DATE- TBC Age group 13-16 years of age Entrants will be required to participate in either the Still Life or Figure Drawing category The registration fee is N1000 per participant and there are cash prizes to be won!!! PRIZES awarded in each category 1st-N15000 2nd- N10000 3rd- N5000 All participants must pre register at the Art Center by the 17th April by calling 07056 986 636 or 07016 040 557.  Registration payment can be made on the day of the competition. We will provide pencils and paper on the day, however any other desired material e.g. charcoal, specialised paper, coloured pencils, must be provided by the participant or bought from the us. The contest will be judged by professional artists and a ceremony will be held at 4pm to announce the winners of the competition. 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize winners will be selected in both categories. Spread the word, and lets encourage creative abilities in the younger generation!!   3 DAY PHOTOGRAPHY WORKSHOP DATE: TBC (more info. coming soon…)   AMATEUR MUSICIANS NIGHT DATE- TBC (more info coming soon….)   ———————————————————————————————————————————————————————- PAST EVENTS NOVEMBER NOVEMBER 2014 “RECENT WORKS” An Exhibition of Paintings by Lilian Pilaku Opening: 5:00pm Tuesday 25th November 2014 Special Guest of Honour: Mr. Abdullahi Muku, Director General, National Gallery of Art Time / Duration: 9:00am – 6:00pm daily / 25th November – 1st December

  • Our Kid’s Arts and Crafts

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    Our Kid’s Arts and Crafts

    Our Arts and Crafts programme for children is aimed at expanding the child’s creative and imaginative thinking, building upon its problem solving skills. As the future of any nation, the child’s ability to problem-solve in a widely creative manner is one of the surest guaranties of that nation’s development. Our classes develop that creative energy, channeling it to positive results, nudging the child’s mind to work in an expansive manner. Our projects cut across various activities: Drawing, Clay crafts, Educational crafts, Jewelry & Accessories, Clothing & Costumes, Painting, Recycle Arts, Cardboard and Paper crafts, Cooking classes, Animal crafts, Photography and Cartooning. For Individual Families We hold an Arts and Crafts session every 1st and 3rd Saturday of every month. This includes a 2 and a half hour Arts and Crafts session, a free movie with popcorn and drinks provided. All our sessions include lunch or / and snacks. Our programmes for schools are 2-fold: Firstly, we offer special excursions. Schools may bring students to our facility and we hold a 3 hour arts and crafts session. This option puts all of our materials readily available. We encourage schools to limit class size to 20 students. We provide light refreshments. Our second programme is the in-school service. We come to the school and we will work with the children in their natural environment. This option can be scheduled in place of

  • Large Structures, Tight Spaces & The “Efizi” Effect

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    Large Structures, Tight Spaces & The “Efizi” Effect

    We do understand the need to maximize the use of an expensive, hard to acquire choice piece of property, to ensure maximum gain per square meter, that obsession with large grandeur structures that look like miniature palaces from the exterior. No doubt, some of the newer structures ones sees around town now are quite lovely in their architectural make-up as though forces unseen are racing around waving magic wands and poof! gone are old, dowdy crooked looking structures, fast replaced with bolder, simply beautiful architecture with cleaner, straighter lines, solid looking roofing tiles and catchy balcony rails to complete a more modern  effect. Even subtle signs of deconstructivism, is being reflected in a few buildings and what’s left of those old dowdy buildings, stick out like sore thumbs, almost as though naked in a park, wishing to hide in shame. “Progress” it seems, is synonymous with big houses, big cars and …. tight spaces. So eager are these structures to impose and impress that they dominate their entire grounds leaving not much of what we’d like to call negative space or in this case, breathing space. What’s left of the grounds is prudently divided between the odd shrub or 2, the very clichéd  masquerade tree and concrete. Concrete of course has to have greater consideration for the sake of “squeeze-parking” as many of  ’em big cars as there are. One

  • Our Gallery

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    Our Gallery

                        Our still growing gallery offers a multi-genre range of artworks, from paintings to creative photographs and mixed media. Please contact us for further information or better still come in and see all we have in stock. Click here for images of a few pieces in our collection

"When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color"... Billy Baldwin

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