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This section is an online interior design blog for interior design and decoration in Nigeria.

Okiriko is founded on passion and a deep love of the built environment, structures and shear space architecture.  The beauty that is fine craftsmanship and attention to miniscule detail.


Our aim is to foster a platform, which encourages the progress of interior design and decoration in Nigeria. We recognize the progress made thus far in architecture and decoration but we cannot help but emphasize the obvious gap in design brought about not only by a lack of recognition of the core meaning and indispensable role of interior design but the simple lack of professionally trained interior architects and space planners.

Our activities are geared towards offering the knowledge and resources that not only encourage architects, designers, decorators etc alike to network with each other but also to offer them greater visibility for those seeking these services.

At the core of our goal lies the delicate volition of sensitising people on the importance of one’s environment, we hope to light a fire that encourages the love of the built environment, pride in indigenous approaches to design and pride in sustainable and clean design solutions. It is an emphasis on Winston Churchill’s famous quote: “We shape our buildings; thereafter they shape us.”

"When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color"... Billy Baldwin

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