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Okiriko Art Center

Okiriko Art Center is a multi-genre art center. A place where creative minds, established and amateur can find common forum for rich exchange and camaraderie. Here, they will find expression in an environment that provides that suitable stimulating ambience that re-generates creative energy. At the crux of our aim is to establish a place where like minds can collaborate and share, tutor and inspire, create and recreate, relax and unwind.


Our vision is to become that place of rich creative collaborative exchange that adds societal value through the various services we offer. We strive to become that preferred place where artists choose to exhibit their works, attracting patrons, collectors and buyers worldwide, where creativity is constantly nurtured in children through arts & crafts sessions, where studio time is provided for visual artists, where varied workshops are run to hone career-building skills and where like minds can relax and unwind in a classy, beautiful and relaxing environment amidst fantastic art pieces. Our vision includes becoming the leading retail source for specified art material brands. This art center, through an organic but guided growth is billed to place itself firmly within the Nigerian tourism map. At Okiriko we welcome all through our doors, who hope to benefit, wether it be through our varied workshops, studio time or to relax in our classy cafe.

Products and Services

Sketch Studio A life drawing studio that provides an enabling environment for draftsmanship, it touches on every artists basic instinct to draw as a way to loosen creative channels and continue to train the brain to “see”. Models will be provided for this purpose, as well as provisions for still-life. Opportunities to study the human form . Periodically scheduled tutorials will be part of these sessions.
Thursdays 6pm
Per session N1000.00
4 sessions (bulk payment) N3,000.00
12 sessions (bulk payment) N8,500.00
24 sessions (bulk payment) N16,000.00

Arts & Crafts Studio Sessions for children

Arts & Crafts Studio Sessions for children is held on the second and fourth Saturday in each month, it is designed to counter the downward trend of children not being given enough opportunities for creativity. These sessions are designed for children ages 6 and up with the intention of providing valuable extra-curricular activities for children that not only channel their restless energy in a most wholesome way taking advantage of the child’s natural urge to play, to create, to be curious, to imitate and to imagine. Every session will see children form various arts and craft works with their hands, they will be encouraged to problem solve, through applying imagination and creative thinking.Saturdays 11am to 4pm Per session N2,000.00


To give participants an opportunity to self-improve on a creative skill. The workshops will cut across many art genres. Every workshop will have as its facilitator a master of that craft and depending on its demands will run anywhere from 3 days to 2 weeks. Workshops will include acquiring skills in: Crafts, Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion, Poetry, Photoshop, Creative Writing, Speech & Presentation Skills, Interior Decor, Jewelry making, Musical Instruments, AutoCad and many more!* Workshop schedules will be announced ahead of time.* Charges will vary depending on logistics requirement of each workshop.
To be rented out for art exhibitions. Artists will find our exhibition space adequate and appropriate.

The Retail Store

Sale of art material and self-help books. Sales of drawing materials namely a wide range of drawing / shading pencils, pen and ink, charcoal, erasers pastels, fixatives, sketch pads and various types of paper.

The Lounge

As one of the main areas is The Lounge, a very classy, relaxing, lounging spot that taps into popular culture.

"When you want to transform a room into an entirely different animal, change the color"... Billy Baldwin

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